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The One About Mint…and Vodka

This year I am not actually gardening. My yard has suffered a lot over the last few years, especially last year when I was so sick with my depression. Instead this summer I decided to focus my energy on cleaning up the yard and reclaiming it from Mother Nature. That, however, doesn’t mean I didn’t want to stop growing things outright. Instead I decided to do some containers on my front deck. I have celery, lavender, green onions, beans, and mint. As it turns out LOTS AND LOTS of mint.

Yesterday I decided the mint needed harvesting but I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do with it, a girl can only drink SO many cocktails. (Or so I have been told.)

Naturally I did what any middle aged white woman would do… hit Pinterest. I was overwhelmed by the volume of idea provided to me but decided to start off nice and easy, mint extract. It only required two ingredients and I happen to have a large quantity of each; mint and vodka.

I picked, washed and dried about a cup of mint, put it in a mason jar and used a spoon to gently crush the leaves a little. Pro tip, if you have have one us a muddler, the spoon in the mason jar was a pain the ass.

I then covered the leaves with 1.5 cups of vodka. Is there anything that vodka can’t do?! I mean truly it is … wait wait… Do I sound like an alcoholic? Okay moving on….

With the cap on nice and tight I tucked away on the top shelf to sit for a month. The recipes I found suggested that I give it a shake every few days. Let’s be honest, I am not likely going to remember to do that. Hell I probably won’t even remember it’s there until I go digging for something else. However when I do I will give it a sample and give ya’ll an update. Fingers Crossed!

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