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Back In The Saddle

I have been really struggling to get back to writing. The past two months have been kind of crazy and the longer I didn’t write the harder it became to sit down and … in the words of Nike… Just Do It!

So here I am basically I am just going to sit here and type you some stream of consciousness as a way of getting back to business. I hope you will stick with me while this Ninja Princess gets her groove back.

what has happened in the time I have been gone? Well as I said it has been kind of crazy. My boyfriend came to our house for the first time for a weeks visit. I was excited and very nervous. We got back to our home around 5pm and about 5 minutes later… the wheels came off.

I took a header in my driveway. My face as you can see was a hot mess. I addition to my face my knee, left breast, left elbow were cut and bruised and my left shoulder was hurt (hyper extended/sprained?) So yeah. I spent his entire first visit in a LOT of pain. But it didn’t end there. I stared to get sick almost as soon as I fell. By the end of the week I was in full respiratory distress.

Yeah! Somehow in the thick of things I developed full blown, viral induced, adult onset, asthma !! Can you believe it? If it’s weren’t for bad luck it seems I would have none!!

Okay. I have a LOT more to say but I am going to post this for now so I can rip the bandaid off and get a post out there. Thank you so much for sticking with me.

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