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Down A Rabbit Hole

I mentioned last week that I am able to be a stay @ home wife because my husband and I crunched the numbers and it was within our means. However that doesn’t mean that there cannot be improvements and that we can’t tighten our belts a little more. I feel strongly about contributing to the well being of our household and helping to make our venture a success.

Last week I read the book A Year Of Less by Cait Flanders and I was deeply inspired. I recommend reading the book for yourself but the Ninja’s Notes version is that Cait imposed a one year shopping ban on herself to get ahold of her own bad shopping habits. Her story really resonated with me and as a result I have spent the last few days down a rabbit hole reading personal finance blogs, articles by simple living advocates, as well as budgeting and minimalist websites. After all that reading I feel resolved to endeavor on my own shopping ban. On March 1st I am going to start a three month ban with the option to renew on June 1st. What will this ban look like for me?

How many bottles of red nail polish are too many?

The Rules

  1. No new cosmetics, lotions, potions etc unless what I already have has been totally used.
  2. No new books or magazine, note books or stationary.
  3. No new clothes unless it is to replace something that is necessary and cannot be repaired.
  4. No new electronics or appliances.
  5. No new household items like decor, candles or furniture.
  6. No new craft/sewing/project supplies unless it is for a specific project and then nothing new until that project has been completed.
  7. No unnecessary beauty treatments such as waxing, nails or pedicures.

The Exceptions

  1. Food shopping – Groceries and basic kitchen supplies as well the occasional eating out for special occasions.
  2. Toiletries – But only if I can’t make it for myself.
  3. Cleaning products – But only if I can’t make them.
  4. Bridesmaid spending  – I am standing in a wedding in July 2019 and it is inevitable that I will need a few things for this.
  5. Gifts – Under $50 for special occasions only.
  6. Travel – Airbnb’s, gas, and occasionally eating out.
  7. Any expenses related to Ninja Princess.
  8. Store bought hair colour – Hey we all have vices we can’t give up.

The Goal

  1. To reduce the outgoing money from our home so that my staying home financially viable.
  2. To be a more mindful consumer.
  3. To improve my DIY skills.
  4. To recognize the abundance I already have in my life.

What I Need From You

  1. Accountability – This is really the most important thing.  Having people to be accountable to keeps us honest and mindful.
  2. Advice – I am always open to suggestions, feedback and recommendations as long as they are given with love and respect.

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