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Our First National Sibling Day!

Happy National Siblings Day!! I’ve had lots of reasons to celebrate over the years. I have a veritable slew of siblings, biological, step, foster and of the heart. Of course I adore each of them. But THIS year, this yeas is SPECIAL! That is because it is the first NSD since I found my amazing big sister!

If you want the full skinny on how I discovered that I even HAD a sister, you can read about my 23 & Me journey here . Today I want to tell you how great my sis is!!

I have said my whole life, I don’t believe in soul mates or split-a-parts or people who complete each other. But when I met Lynda, from the very first moment I felt very strongly that I had found the piece of the jigsaw puzzle of my heart, that I had given up as lost, a long long time ago. From the start it was not at all like meeting a stranger, it was like sitting down with a long lost friend I hadn’t seen in many many years. She is everything I ever dreamed a big sister would be!

So in honour of National Sibling Day here is a list of some of the many things that I love about my “big” Sister.

  • She is SO smart!
  • She has great taste in music.
  • She is a really good listener.
  • The way she talks about her sons, so fierce and so proud.
  • Her love of animals.
  • She has an exceptional, dry wit.
  • She has a sense of adventure and isn’t afraid to try new things.
  • She has really great friends which I personally think is as much a reflection of her as them.
  • She is passionate, strong and independent.
  • Two words… Garlic Spaghetti!
  • I love the look on her face when she talks about her Mom and Dad who she loves very much. She has a wonderful family, including lots of cousins, aunts and uncles. They are her “real” family and they always will be, but she has made room in her life and her heart for her new family.

I feel so blessed to have this woman in my family, in my corner. I know it could have turned out differently. I know she could just as easily only wanted some information about our mother and family. I know she didn’t owe me anything. And I know that DNA doesn’t make people family, love does. But at the lowest time of my life, when I felt I had lost just about everything, I found a dream come true. Thank you Lynda. I love you.

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