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Shake Things Up and Break Them Down

If you are married or live with your partner then you know that day to day life can get unremarkable. Sometimes it’s worse, it’s humdrum. My husband and I adore each other but even so most of our day in day out conversations consist of “Hey can you pick up milk on the way home?” or “What do you want for dinner?”. This is not because we are boring! We aren’t I swear. It’s that we have busy lives and busier routines. It’s also because we have been together for 17 years, that is a LOT of conversations.

This is why every once and a while we need to run away together.

We need to get out of our house away from our routine, away from the chores and the obligations.

We need to shake things up and break them down.

We need this as individuals and as a couple.

We need to sit in silence while we read.

We need to sit at the table and eat a meal without having to run off to the next thing.

We need to sleep for hours in the middle of the day and go for long dog walks.

Baby Girl loves vacation too!

This is how NEW conversations are made. Because when we are relaxed and unhurried, we can allow our brains slip their clogs. We find new twists and paths. When we have no place else to be, we can talk for half an hour about our favorite foods. When neither of us are thinking about our To-Do lists we can play a board game that leads to a long chat about the current political climate.

When we both relax and our walls are down, we are open to each other and we can still discover new things about each other even after 17 years.

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