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Kitchen Witchery – Part 2

Ninja pals there is something we have to talk about. Something we all do, behind closed doors. Something we don’t talk about in polite company. Heck there is even a children’s book about this. It’s okay I won’t get graphic on you, I do have a sense of decorum after all. Nevertheless we all encounter situations where we would like to minimize our odoriferous impact. There is a commercial product that one can buy with the cheeky name of PooPourri. I like the ads but I don’t like the price and I don’t know exactly what is in the bottle so I decided to make my own!

I confess I bought a package of little bottles from the Dollar Store for this and a few other potions because most of my household cleaning bottles are just too large.

First I added two teaspoons of rubbing alcohol and one teaspoon of our good ol’ Dr. Bronner’s castile soap. Then I added the essential oil. I did 30 drops of lavender, but you can choose absolutely any scent you like. Lastly I topped the bottle up with water. Tap water. Please for the love of god don’t listen to anyone who says you need distilled water for this. You are literally going to put this the toilet, tap water IS FINE! After everything is in the bottle you just have to give it a little shake to combine. A couple of sprays in the bowl before you go and … le voila! The odor is trapped, and it cost practically nothing!

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