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Living Room Makeover

I mentioned in Practice Makes Perfect that I had been struggling with developing a schedule. It has really been a few crazy weeks of travel and emotional tribulation. Despite my lack of sleep and my mental health struggles, things have started to come together. I am settling back into a good routine at home. It is very helpful that spring is in the air and the days are getting so much longer. I have been able to open the windows for a few hours and hang my bedding out on the line. These things make me so very happy.

I am not the only one enjoying the sun!

I have a notebook in my bedroom where I have been keeping a long list of all the things I want to get done around this house to make it a place I want to live in forever. The list is LONG and in the last year it has only gotten longer. Now that I am not just focusing on the day to day, putting one foot in front of the other, I can start in on the list. The important criteria is that I want to do things myself and I don’t want it to cost a lot of money. Last week I started by turning my attention on the living room!

When we bought our house, 11 years ago TODAY, we hired a friend to build us a bookshelf in our living room. I had lofty ambitions of having a beautiful reading room but it never quite came together. I have looked for a picture of the full shelf but it was so immense, one whole wall, I couldn’t find one. This was the closest I could get… eat your heart out.

I can hear you laughing from here… it’s okay, I understand.

When we first had it built every shelf was full of books and tchotchkes. But over the years we have become more and more discerning about what we have in our home, curating if you will. I have to say that Maria Kondo has nothing on me! Recently the shelves have been really irritating me. Not only have I not been able to move my sofa in 11 years but also these days the shelves were half empty. So doing something about the shelves was on my big list. After consultation with my sweet spouse I picked up my hammer and mini pry bar and went to town!!

I am SOOOO pleased with it! Without the shelf the room looks so big! The result is fantastic and I am very satisfied, especially getting to strike something off that giant To-Do list!! The whole thing will be getting a paint job in June but in the mean time I am doing a happy house-wife dance.

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