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The Good Stuff – Day 1

I talked some in the last few days about the physical and mental struggles I have been dealing with between my depression and perimenopause. It is easy to sit an talk about all the things that are wrong. Move over Victor Hugo, I could write the next Les Misérables! But I decided that this week I want to focus on the good stuff, the things I do every day to keep myself sane, happy and healthy.

I made this!

One of the greatest joys I have found is in my kitchen. I have become a person who LOVES to cook. I love finding new ways to use food.

I especially love making bread. I adore the smell and the texture and the colour. I love the look on peoples face when I give them a loaf. It is so satisfying, to see that smile. I have bought almost no “normal” bread in over a year. I still sometimes buy French bread, wraps or burger buns. But every day bread for sandwiches, toast, snacking is made here in my kitchen.

I usually bake my bread on Monday. My recipe makes two loaves. Most weeks I just make the two loaves but some weeks I make lots more for friends, neighbours and family. Last week with the approaching hurricane I made 10 loaves.

Homemade peach jam and my bread!

This is something I do for ME, because I enjoy it so much. It’s not a chore for me. I do it as an act of love for myself and as a happy coincidence it makes other people happy too!

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