I smell like Voltaren

Ooof! I have just finished my second week as a Starbucks barista. Let me tell you I feel EVERY day of my 44 and 3/4 years.

I was twenty years old the last time I had a job that comes anywhere close to being a Starbucks Barista! I worked front of house at the Piccadilly Theatre in London. It was HARD work. It was FAST paced, the customers were insane and most of the time I did it in high heals! I was run off my feet. I worked in every part of the theatre but most frequently in the bar. If you haven’t run a bar during the 15 minute interval of a West End Theatre you don’t know what hectic is.

However after work, that is when the fun really started!

When then lights came up and the punters left, that’s when my night started. We were twenty and we could party like rock stars; sometimes WITH rock stars!! We drank like fish, among other things, and were usually falling into bed at sun up. We slept for a few hours and were back at it the next day. If my body hurt I never seemed to noticed.

So now, here I am just 100 days shy of turning 45 and let me tell you. It is NOT the same! About halfway thru my shift my lower back starts to ache. Then my hips, moving down to my knees and finally my feet join in. By the time my shift is over I can scarcely move. I come directly home and if I can stand for 10 more minutes get in the shower. If I can’t stand that long I make for my bed and pass out for an hour or two.

Yes, I do feel old. My co-workers are much younger, sprier and smarter than I am. I smell like Voltaren, Tylonal is my primary drug of choice these days {mostly}. The work is hard, much much harder than it looks from the other side of the counter. But I feel good about what I am doing. Although there are some people who treat their coffee like it’s life and death, it’s not. The world isn’t on my shoulders. The team I am working with are young and vibrant and loving. It’s not where I pictured myself at 44 and 3/4’s but it’s where I am and it’s good.

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