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The Good Stuff – Part Three

I know that not everyone is crazy about social media. I will be the first to say that there are some legitimate issues that people should be aware of. However I do think there are some wonderful things that result from being part of an online community.

Aside from my friends and family on Facebook, like many people, I am part of several online communities. Part of my daily self care regiment is touching base with those communities. Being part of these groups gives me support, a touch stone, it gives me a place to belong. There is a “support group” for pretty much anything. I have a group of friends who are also going thru perimenopause, another group of people who struggle with their mental health. There are my blogging friends and the food preppers. I talk to folks in my local polyamory group, with photographers and to the minimalists.

Some of these people I have met in real life and some of them are strangers. Some days I take part in the conversations and other days I just read what others are talking about. I know they are there for me if and when I need, just as I am there for them.

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