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The Good Stuff – Day Two

This week I am talking to you about what self care looks like for me, at a time of my life when perimenopause and clinical depression take turns being the stage manager of my life.

Lots of things go into making a day some semblance of a success however other than my meds probably the one thing I rely on the most is… caffeine.

Ya’ll I love… YES LOVE…. hot caffeinated beverages. I can’t make a decent cup of coffee (ha! I am about to become a barista!!) So at home I am tea all the way. I go to tea when I am tired, sad, happy, angry, hot, cold or breathing. I drink in the order of 6-10 cups of tea a day. Yes I know, that is a lot of tea. Yes I know I would likely sleep better if I drank less tea. I am working on it.

However it’s not just tea I love. A well made cup of coffee is a thing of beauty a work of art. If I close my eyes and imagine myself in my perfect place, I am on a patio, in Cuba drinking strong, hot, sweet black coffee. Well made coffee truly is paradise.

When I am struggling thru my day I make a cup of tea and I sit. It is as medicinal as my Ecitalopram. My brain goes so fast and so furious most of the time that what I end up with are snippets of thoughts. Frustrating and fleeting. A great idea lost in an instant, ephemeral To-Do items that may or may not be remembered at a later date. Sitting down with a cup of tea or coffee offers an opportunity to reclaim my equilibrium. The ritual of making the tea, the quiet moment holding the warm mug. These moments are perfect, everything stops being too loud for a while. My brain can slow to a manageable pace. I need these moments, they are integral to my sanity.

Speaking of which, I am going to put the kettle on. Want a cup?

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