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I Don’t Know How We Do It

As the months have gone by I have become less circumspect when discussing my relationship status and living arrangement. When meeting new people I get a pretty good feel for them and then I let it drop, I live with my husband AND my boyfriend. Yes, shocking and true. Three adults, living under one roof with three cats and a dog.

HOW?! How do we possibly make that work? Don’t people get jealous? Don’t we annoy each other? How do you do it? Well to be honest I don’t know how we do it, except …. it’s actually very easy. There are lots of days that I don’t know how other people DON’T do it.

First though let me be perfectly clear, the men I love are exceptional. There is no toxic masculinity in this house. We talk about our feelings. I feel it is my duty to keep the line of communication open and clear and both hubs and bf understand and agree how important it is. I talk about everything as open and honestly as I can while still respecting privacy and boundaries. I let them know when I need something and they do the best they can. Sometimes that means I need one on one time with my husband, or a cuddle from my boyfriend. Sometimes it means I need some time all alone.

We are like s’mores! Three awesome things that come together to make something even better!

Honestly it has all been so easy it scares me a little. I keep waiting for the drama to kick in and it just doesn’t. I know it isn’t for everyone but for us, it just works. There’s nothing tawdry or weird, just three people living in the house and I happen to be openly, happily in love with two of them.

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