It’s A Bad Pain Day

Being off on a medical leave is not all daytime TV and bonbons. Several times a week I have chiro or physio or a doctors appointment. In addition to that I have physio exercises, heat and ice, walks several times a day. Throw in blood work and xrays, and sometimes the days are down right exhausting.

THIS is one of those days. I saw Dr. Andrew today and while it felt good at the time, tonight is BAD. I hate pain, and I hate not being able to do anything about it. I can’t get comfortable. I won’t take the drugs that make me sleep for 24 hours. I’ve done the heat and the ice and the stretching. But it’s just a bad night. They happen sometimes. But because I am in pain, because I NEED to do this rehab, I need to take the time to do the work and heal, I can’t work. Being a barista is physically demanding. There is no part of that job that doesn’t put strain on my lower body. And if I can’t work I can’t get paid. I think you will agree that getting paid makes life a bit more pleasant. So tonight with heaviest of hearts I gave my notice. I shall barista no more.

While I rehab I am going to apply for sick EI. And then I can find a gig that won’t be so physically demanding. I hate not working. I hate not contributing to our family. I hate being in pain. But I know this is the right thing to do. So I am just going to go be grumpy and sad a while.

Thanks for listening.

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