The One Where We Started to Wrap Up 2020

I have wanted to start writing again but have been kinda stuck. There is SO much going on I just haven’t known where to start.

2020 has been a big year for everyone. Lot’s of terrible shitty things have happened but I just don’t feel like dwelling on them right now. Because honestly a lot of great things have come out of this weird ass year.

  1. Gil working from home. This has been AWESOME!!! Although I think I enjoyed it more than him. Just having him around more is really cool. We got to chat on coffee breaks and lunch breaks. He was just more … present.
  2. I applied to go to university. UNIVERSITY!!! 20+ years after dropping out for my mental health. I still have to get accepted. THEN I have to get accepted to the program that will pay for it. But I believe in me.
  3. So many fun cooking adventures. Because we were not eating out like we used to I have been cooking and baking a LOT more. I had some fails but I have had a lot of fun trying new things.
  4. Of course #1 hands down above anything is my AMAZING kid. The universe sure seemed to know what it was doing when it put us in each others paths. We needed her and she needed us and we were just MEANT to be a family.

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